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With decades of combined experience in laboratory sciences, a multitude of scientific publications and academic awards, we could talk about credentials like everyone else. But we don’t like to brag. We prefer to let our actions do the talking.

Still need proof? Meet the team

Vadim Yerokhin, PhD

Laboratory Director, Founder & CEO

Dr. Yerokhin is a Neuroscientist with over 14 years of experience in the laboratory sciences. He brings expertise in developing analytical techniques, overseeing laboratory design, method validation and technique implementation in the laboratory setting. As an undergraduate, Dr. Yerokhin was inducted into Sigma Xi, the world’s most prestigious scientific honor society, for his role in discovering a novel methodological approach to data analysis for early detection and identification of Alzheimer’s disease. 

Dr. Yerokhin’s research efforts have thus far culminated in numerous authored scientific publications, presentations and talks around the world.  He trained at the world’s leading institutions, such as Johns Hopkins University (where he attended graduate school), Union College in New York, and the National University of Ireland Galway (where he developed an important part of the aforementioned experimental technique).

Dr. Yerokhin’s ties to the Oklahoma community date back to 8th grade, when he moved from Ukraine to Oklahoma in search for the liberties and opportunities that are so unique to the citizens of the United States of America. He has since become a US citizen and considers the United States his home country. His love for the Sooner spirit brought him back to our state to complete a PhD in Neuroscience at Oklahoma State University. “The young yet rapidly growing industry in our State is ripe with opportunities to meaningfully contribute to the application of scientific techniques to improve the quality of local products and to ensure safety of the Oklahoma community. As a scientist, this is what I am most passionate about.” 

Working alongside today’s top scientific leaders in life sciences, chemistry and computer sciences, Dr. Yerokhin is leading Abraxas Labs in becoming the most innovative, efficient, and the highest quality analytical laboratory in the industry. 

Megan Calahan, RPES

Laboratory Manager, Founder

Megan has 10 years of experience in laboratory sciences. Since graduating with a degree in Microbiology and Botany, Megan has continuously pursued her passion for laboratory science and honed her management skills by working in the laboratory setting and serving as a leader and public servant for the State of Oklahoma. She is a Registered Professional Environmental Specialist (RPES) with the State of Oklahoma, where she has helped develop methodology for the State Health Department’s operational processes, optimized administrative oversight during state-wide emergencies, and is in charge of maintaining effective and timely mitigation of operative deficiencies during public health emergencies. As a key asset and manager at Abraxas Labs, she assists with method development, ensures systematic organization and assessment of the company’s operations, and oversees quality assurance of the laboratory’s technical processes for cannabis analysis.

Matthew Green, PhD

Analytical Chemist (Green Analytical Sciences )

Dr. Matthew Green brings a wealth of technical knowledge and experience in analytical chemistry, toxicology and biomedical sciences. He is a published member of the graduate faculty of analytical chemistry at the School of Forensic Sciences, where he helped spearhead a milestone project for application of mass spectrometry in detection of illicit substances, a method that continues to be used in laboratories across the country. As an educator, he is a great resource for educating laboratory staff on best practices, as well clients to help them solve issues with their grow operation. He has contributed widely in the scientific community through his involvement in national and international organizations.

Madison Sanders, MS

Application Specialist (Green Analytical Sciences)

Madison brings with her a background of robust commercial laboratory experience. In Oklahoma and in Texas, Madison has helped laboratories with establishing standard operating procedures, method development and validations, and general best practices. She has several years of experience in certifying LCMS data and ensuring that only quality data is reported to the client. At Abraxas Labs, Madison has been an integral part in optimizing extraction procedures, analytical method development and ensuring that the analytical chemistry processes in the laboratory are of the highest possible quality.

Reliable test results. Finally.

Reliable test results. Finally.

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